City of Industry, Incheon

Incheon, the venue of the Incheon International Machinery Expo, is a city of industry surrounded by the  5 international and 21 regular industrial complexes of the nation’s largest scale.
Considered the Mecca of industry with over 39 thousand manufacturers clustered, Incheon is considered one of the best locations for machine industries.
Incheon, the city of exports, has emerged as one of the best industrial cities as a one stop location for manufacture and export and reached number 1 as the biggest increase in exports in 2016, through the Incheon International Airport, the Incheon Port, and the Incheon New Port opened in 2015.

Manufacturing Revolution of Incheon

The manufacturing industry of Incheon is changing. Incheon has passed its slow growth era, and is leading the way in providing solutions to prevent the hollowing of the manufacturing industry and smart factory support to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium manufacturing industries by making the aging manufacturing complex smart. The Incheon International Machinery Expo is the best business market to fulfill the smart factory companies and supply company niches.

International Trade Expo – Machinery Expo first opening in Incheon! Gyeongin Mechanical Industries Cooperative, Incheon Tourism Organization, and eSang Networks Co., Ltd. will co-host to open a competitive international expo.

pansion of New Market– As a regional economic cooperation zone of the Korea·China FTA, Incheon will act as a focal point city of the Korea China exchange through its agreement with Weihai, and serve as an opportunity to pioneer export outlets and strengthen networks.

Overseas Buyer Meeting! – Through the support of the Small and Medium Business Administration and an agreement with KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), Chinese, Japanese, German, and other overseas buyers are invited and provided with meeting opportunities with participating companies by utilizing the regional characteristics of Incheon which allow for easy access.

Business Value Creation – Made up of environmental facilities, smart factory, robot and motor industries building, 3D printers, automated equipment and other special buildings, it raises the business effects through target marketing.

Business Network Establishment – The invitation of each local government, water filtration center, Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation, water resources corporation, environmental management facilities, facilites management corporation, construction firm, and other buyers, will provide a place for business networking.