Refrigeration and AC/ HeatingAC and heat pump, refrigerant compressor, freezer·refrigeration facilities, refrigeration equipment (condensing unit, HVAC, roll AC), refrigeration and AC related equipment (AC unit, thermohygrostat, cooling tower, ventilator, clean room etc)
Water Quality Management and TreatmentSewage·waste water treatment, river purification, water treatment, livestock waste water disposal, membrane, microorganisms, water quality related equipment, design, construction, pump, valve
Waste RemovalWaste remover, waster recycling equipment and facilities, other related equipment
Smart Factory Solution3.0 Production Revolution Solution, factory control system, MES, MMI, DCS, factory environment control, touch panel, smart office
Robot IndustryIndustrial robot, robot parts, robot platforms, robot intelligence
3D Printer and Related Equipment3D Printer, 3D scanner, 3D printing software, CAD/CAM/CAE and other applied fields
Automated EquipmentNC·CNC related equipment, logistics system, office automation equipment, automatic dishwasher, motor(AC,DC), measuring equipment, motion control·robot, control system, automated smart wear
ToolsWelder, mint·forge, heat treating, surface treating equipment